When things happen in you life that are unexplainable and you have not heard anyone else talk about them, how do you know you are not just going crazy, I mean hearing voices for goodness sake!!! You dare not share because others might think you have lost the plot, I have learned ‘being yourself’ in all your glory is the best and kindest thing you can do for yourself. Ok some peeps will think youre crazy, weird or whatever, but if you are just being you, be proud to be unique, I mean who else can you be, but yourself!? 😉

So you are just starting out on your psychic pathway: We all have to do the journey and decide for ourselves what is real and what is not, ‘cherry-picking’ through what other people tell us and books(written by people like us). I am sure you will want to take everything in and thats great, its about trust and instinct. My advice here would be, stick with your gut instinct when and as you learn more and more, if it feels right then it probably is and if it doesnt, well then maybe it isn’t, but always keep your mind open to change, the pathway prepares you and you can only take in at your own pace, take ownership of that from the start.
I have always had that ‘voice,’ the one you know is always there and is great for telling everything too and I hear words back in my head, I never thought of it as anything special, at 4 or 5 you just accept it. Growing up is the hardest, our minds get so full of junk, baggage, and self doubt!?
The thing is, ‘how do you know you are different to the next person??’ if you experience things and always have, it becomes natural to you, you are a unique person. One day you will accept without asking, but it is hard and the best mediums struggle constantly, I have been tutored by many, I love that they do not become complacent and always respect Spirit and their gift.
I started to expand my intuition after becoming ill and jumped tracks into a slower paced existence. I went through a pretty dark and negative period and ‘asked out’ for help, alot of strange unexplained things began to happen.Believe me I went and sought help from many weird and wonderful sources, as soon as somrthing felt comfortable anf ‘familiar’ I stayed with it for a while, but as you grow, you must spread your wings and quench your need for knowledge. You will find people will help, steer, off-load, dont commit yourself fully till you know you are in the right place spiritually, even then be open to a new shift as your life advances.

I have trained with the Spiritualist Church for many years and this is the place I sorted out the Myths and Misconceptions of communicating with Spirit. Anyone who is really interested in learning about being Psychic or being a Medium(there is a difference!) It is after all a huge responsibility, you are affecting peoples lives, so you should know what you are talking about, and to whom! All professional people must train before they become qualified? It is important you consider the gravity of the words you relay to others and to know what you shouldnt say- E.G “If you tell someone something is going to happen in their future, Is this going to help them, will it change the course of their own Natural Pathway? Should they not have the choice to make their own life decisions based on their own gut feelings? -Its a ‘Biggy’ Im sure you will agree. In my training, it has only been in extreme cases Spirit have ever stepped in to tell of the future, and as I believe we all have our own Guardian Angels, Im sure they would step in if your life was in danger. I know I have had many ‘interventions’ I will share as and when I get energy to type.

I am inspired when asked and I hope this answers questions to the lady who inspired me to write this, you ask, I answer. Part of my Lifes Plan is to share, because ‘sharing’ is what makes our World a better place?

I could write more, but will respond when asked to, I have so much in my head, if I wrote it all down, I would be here way after I meet my maker!! 🙂

ShellyThis is one of my auragraphs I have done. For those who do not know what an Auragraph is, it is like a psychic reading  ‘illustrated’, this one is done using encaustic art(melted wax on an iron) Each one is completely unique as all the people I read for are unique. 😉 (I will explain more as I continue to blog or see my website, if you are interested in receiving an auragrah plus psychic reading) www.shellywithangels.co.uk


About shellyjeffrey

I am a great believer in positive thinking and always strive to "be the best I can be". I am a realist and a Psychic, I do auragraphs and give Spiritual Readings to help others feel uplifted and inspired, after all Inspiration is what makes our world go round? I recently completed College with 'Distinctions' and am now taking on art commisions, its all happening!! :D

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  1. Have you ever seen a spirit?

    • Shelly says:

      Yes I have, but not as if they were stood in front of me as in say you and me face to face, as far as I am aware??
      I will write a wee blog to explain more. 🙂

  2. great, looking forward to reading the blog 🙂

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