I can tell you my experience and share the ‘mechanics’ of ‘How’ ‘What’ and ‘Where’ I have seen Spirit, you will no doubt read many others stories about peoples experiences, again I cannot stress enough, trust in your instincts as to what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fabrication’. It is in my opinion, important to keep it real, because it is! there is nothing more beautiful or pure when you first experience the presence of Spirit, believe me, ‘You will know’!.  Yes its all exciting at first and every little bump, draught, captured orb will have you all over the place, I am not saying it gets less exciting, but perhaps more controlled or channelled and with an objective, that is, to relay some proof to us doubting mortals that the Spirit survives and we can communicate as Mediums* to give messages of comfort to loved ones.

The term ‘Clairvoyant’ means ‘seeing Spirit’, only a Medium can see Spirit and communicate, a Psychic reads your aura/energy and can tell you of things that have occurred in your life to date.

A Medium is the ‘vessel’ that acts as a ‘channel’ to receive and relay messages from Spirit to us, its like plugging a wire in to connect a call, the messages can be sometimes distorted, and a medium has to ‘fine tune’ their raised awareness or vibration to pick up the messages, but of course if you are Clairvoyant (See Spirit) what and how do you translate Spirit Communication.?

Most Mediums, use more than one sense in receiving Spirit Communication, as do I, namely I am a Clairvoyant(see) Clairaudient(hear) and Clairscentient(Feel)….. Spirit will utilise whatever works best for the individual and I believe Spirit Guides that come to us as we begin our journey as ‘Mediums’ match our personality, so mine are Philosophers, Healers and Artistic and we together utilise whatever means we have to help people.

Asking if I see ‘Spirit’ is a lot more complex until you begin to understand the World of Spirit Communication. The largest percent of trainee psychics and mediums have to go through a process of meditations, visualisations and ‘sitting for Spirit’ exercises in order to raise their awareness to a higher level, its like tuning the mind to a higher vibration, like magnetic waves, until you can reach the frequency that allows you to communicate, they (Spirit) have to lower their vibration to meet us.

‘All Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are  Mediums’ A phrase that will stick in my head forever after years of excellent tuition with the SNU. Spiritualist National Union, I also trained at Stansted the centre for all Psychic and Mediumistic training, it would ‘blow your mind’ if I told you all, bit by bit.

Seeing Spirit, can happen objectively and subjectively, one being as if stood in front of you outside mind and the other seen perceptively within your mind. This occurs if you are a medium, the more tuned, the more ‘aware’, the more ‘practiced’ the more improved your communication will be.

My first Guide, a Healing Guide, whom I called Ewan, was the only one to appear objectively(forgive me if I get my words the wrong way round) I saw him stood in front of me, it was seconds, but within those seconds I received a ‘knowing’ of all he was here for and what we were to do together, this was long before I actually stood up as a ‘medium’ I had self healing to be worked on, in other words, he was the first to come to help prepare me, physically and mentally because I sent out my prayers to say I wanted to be a Medium.

I hope this is making sense, any questions, I can explain further. Believe me this IS the short version!. 😉

I have had much phenomena occur since a child, it took many years to understand what it meant, seeing Spirit has many different explanations, eg.’re- enactments,- sometimes an old building can hold in its structure the ‘Essence’ of once was 100’s of years ago, and this can be seen by various people with differing degrees of sensitivity, but it is just as I said a ‘re-enactment, like a movie show replayed over and over, you cannot communicate with them or they you.

So seeing Spirit for the first time(people/loved ones who have passed to Spirit World) can happen as you train as a medium, but also because you ask and they know you need, I mean really need, normally in dreams because that is when your mind automatically goes to another wavelength so you can sense them.

Spirit Guides are the first to come to you as you train to be a medium, a communicator with Spirit, Guides act as the ‘middle man’ if you like, helping our two worlds meet by bringing forward Spirit.

Often referred to as ‘Guardian Angels’ these are what in my belief and understanding is what we all have since birth, someone passed from our family way back, perhaps never even known, but there like a comforter, protector, agony aunt, those responsible for you going left instead of right, carefully guiding you when you are anxious or lost.

Now Angels I will just touch on briefly, if it resonates then thats ok, but if it doesnt well thats ok too, we have to trust in our own self beliefs and knowledge, and just because someone has been doing something longer does not mean they are right. We in my belief all have seperate knowledge.. like on Earth we can chose to educate ourselves, through, schools, college, universitys etc etc. we become smarter, hopefully, but defintely more ‘learned’ Learning is infinite and it carries on after the body dies and the Spirit lives on. The Spirit we communicate with match our understanding, the more we train, practice, ascend, then our Spirit Guides will change and grow to match us, we cannot just shut our eyes and meet a Spirit of great Ascension/knowledge, they took 10000’s years to ascend so its a little hard to believe there are millions out there talking to the same important ascended Spirit, ie Cleopatra, Geronimo..the list goes on.

Angels are the highest of the high and were never born on this earth, they are the closest in my understandings to the highest on high, the God figure, universal being, Father, Mother whatever we wish to call them. We would have to be at a very high level of understanding therefore to reach them.

I was told once in a Spiritual Assesment, that I could reach a certain level in the Angelic Realm, I am humble but I have my knowings and information, I am at the point now where I no longer feel the need to prove myself to anyone, and the right man/spirit/angel or whatever for the job will come along to help me as I put out my thought to helping someone else.

I guess my learned scholar and philosopher is guiding me now as I put my thoughts out to write this, he has so much to say!!! lol..

And as my human existence creeps back into awareness it is almost 7am here in the UK, I will have a cuppa and try and sleep,(I am blessed that time holds no restrictions on me,)

I hope readers find this interesting and understandable, I am totally open so please contact me if my words need further explanation.

Love to all x


About shellyjeffrey

I am a great believer in positive thinking and always strive to "be the best I can be". I am a realist and a Psychic, I do auragraphs and give Spiritual Readings to help others feel uplifted and inspired, after all Inspiration is what makes our world go round? I recently completed College with 'Distinctions' and am now taking on art commisions, its all happening!! :D

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  1. Thank you SO much! I thouroughly enjoyed this blog entry!!!!!

  2. Shelly says:

    You are very welcome. 🙂

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