My Latest Painting

Acrylic A3


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  1. Shelly says:

    I copied this(not something I would do normally!) from an artist called Leonida Fremov because my son saw one of the artists works. I really love Fremovs work and enjoyed trying to recreate their style of making the paper look wet with the bold painted reflections.

  2. Andi says:

    How spooky that you’d done one too! My friend in Sweden did the same one as me and I was unaware. They’re both on our living room walls. Have you read about his life Shelly? Talk about surviving adversity! x

    • I havent read about him Andi,(only discovered he was a ‘He’ through you! lol- I just caught his paintings by ‘chance'(if theres any such thing?)I have painted another of his works which I just framed and put on my ‘LIVING ROOM WALL!’ lol..I think there is a message perhaps- many of us have had premonitions of a ‘shift’ in our weather patterns and great floods, sadly its not over yet… Now I have more time I will try and read up on Leonid Afremov. I have read many artists and can so relate in many ways, I love hearing their stories, especially of persevering despite the odds.. I will check him out, thanks x

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