I have had many (as some might say ‘strange experiences’ in my life, but honestly, if you were me you wouldn’t think they were anything other than, normal. That is probably the reason why it took me so long to realise that I was in fact a Psychic (knew things about people’s lives whom I’d never met before) worked great in a Sales job- I always seemed to know what people wanted AND I bent over backwards to help them, maybe that’s why I am remembered years on from my ex Boots customers?? 😉 Also I am a Medium (I hear and get communications from Spirits) Its all lovely, but how do you know you are ‘different’ when what and how you live is the ‘norm’ for you?

In retrospect, I wonder if I chose this path before I came here, after sharing a few stories with my Aunty(who also has a website with wordpress, and writes books of her ghostly encounters- http://wordsfrombeyond.wordpress.com

I have realised we are indeed a family of sensitive souls and all knew each other far before our journey from birth. You know when something happens and its like the ‘penny drops’ everything falls into place and it all begins to make sense.  Every word we speak, every move we make(sounds like a Sting record I know!!) lol, but its true! there is a result, a consequence. this is my latest…

I add my Aunty Sandras link above, because it is through some of our recent chats I have had another one of my realisations our Revelations. – We email and comment on each others posts regularly(and FB. 😉 ) I posted a picture of my Nanna and Granddad, my granddad I know to be with me and every time I think of him he strolls in makes me giggle and brings a cool refreshing breeze with him, it used to be his tobacco smell till I got the message it was him!! lol, Spirit have a way! I could not remember my Nanna,she died when I was a baby, but I know her presence, and she confirmed it(as she does right now as I type and think of her) But the fact she is always around was confirmed(yes I need many confirmations, Im not an airyfairy ghosties everywhere type!) haha.

My Aunty Sandra told me how she remembered my Nanna as she is(just slightly!lol she will read this!) older, we were conversing through email as I am in Shildon Co. Durham and she is now in Denver, Colorado. As I replied my Nanna made her presence known, this can be how easy it is, I was talking and thinking of her and the whole feeling in my study changed, from a bit warm and stuffy, to cool, light, fresh and flowery, when you feel Spirit around it is truly uplifting, like butterflies in the stomach as you feel that indescribable unconditional love. My Aunt Sandra informed me how she used to read the tea-leaves, my mum had told me she was a member of the Spiritualist Church, but back then alot of people still condemned us to be Witches, so it was all kept hush, hush!!

It all starts to fit, I have just replied to my Aunty Sandra on her wordpress blog.  as she reminded of a vision I had a long time ago with her memory prompting words!. I had seen my Gran, (her mother) in a huge gathering of other Spirit Family, that I now know connects me, My Aunty Sandra AND I believe our both related and unrelated here on earth families, we come from a very Spiritually Sensitive background, our predecessors/ancestors all had ‘the gift of communication, psychic, clairvoyant mediums’. They all said Hello and told me they were my Spirit Family and would always be around to help and guide me, I recognised Gran, she showed herself as closest, but there were about 12 of them, some looked familiar, others Im not sure, but they all knew me and we had met before, they told me? I will know when the time comes, as like family they will all be there as I return home.

My writing is not quite so eloquent as my Aunt Sandra’s, she is the book writer, but I feel experiences are so much more enjoyable and relived as we share. So both me and My Aunt are sharing our experiences, so ‘POP’ in every now and again as we share our Ghostly Tales!!! 😉

Love Shelly x


About shellyjeffrey

I am a great believer in positive thinking and always strive to "be the best I can be". I am a realist and a Psychic, I do auragraphs and give Spiritual Readings to help others feel uplifted and inspired, after all Inspiration is what makes our world go round? I recently completed College with 'Distinctions' and am now taking on art commisions, its all happening!! :D

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  1. Sandra says:

    Lovely to be able to talk about this isn’t it. When I think of your Nana, it was before you were born, in a house in Redcar I don’t even remember. She even read the ‘tea leaves’. I never quite understood that, do you! Do people still do it?

    • yes they still read tea leaves, my nan attended Spiritualist Church, her sister read ‘Clippy Rugs’ People use all sorts of ways to ‘read’, its just a tool, I can read ‘lino patterns’ but of course Im not actually ‘reading the lino’ im reading the person, but words, symbols, shapes just pop up out of whatever you read to help as a guide and give some structure to the reading.

      Through my website http://www.shellywithangels.co.uk I create patterns with wax- ‘auragraphs’ which have a unique map of whomever I am ‘Reading’ for, as a Psychic, of course I use no such tools if I am linking with loved ones.

      It is great we can talk about it, like a friend of mine just said on my Facebook page ‘Thank God for Blogs’ !! lol, we can speak freely, share and read what interests us, lovely we have this connection.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hey Shelly, got some mischief going on here right now. Things being hidden, moved around etc. Not scary, but very frustrating sometimes…..wonder who is visiting this time!

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