Well College is over, and for the longest time as if robotically my mind was fixated on the next step- Uni!! But I have done alot of thinking as last year health-wise was quite a struggle. I only managed to attend about a quarter of my College course, but I still came out with a final grade of DMM (Distinction,Double Merit) so Im reasonably pleased, I am thankful if the word ‘reasonably’ makes you wonder, its just the ‘frustration’ of knowing I could have got alot better mark if it were not for the frustrations of my health conditions,- Fibromyalgia,M.E etc.

However I AM a HALF FULL GLASS kinda girl, TIME and DEADLINES are all that prevented me from producing as my Psychic website www.ShellywithAngels.co.uk states ‘Being the Best I can Be’.. it is my motto in life, and reality means situations change and to prevent going against the flow, we just have to change with them if we are to survive and move forward as our individual and unique personas demands.   So I have given myself a Year to ‘Do my own Thing’ it means I can concentrate on building a Portfolio(when Ive sorted family and friends with their painting requests!! lol) but seriously I am going to put myself first!! (Lets here it a great big ‘YEYYYYY’ for Girl Power and discovering the importance of Self-it is not Selfish as you will hear me say countless times as I blog(timely SELF reminders needed!) So this portfolio will be a growth towards developing my own style and dipping my toes in the Art Market, exhibiting and attempting to Blog more and Build my Website(hELLLLLPPPP, if anyone is technically minded??) but time is needed if Im to move forward AND if I feel I need Uni, I will decide after this ‘Year Off’

I do not as yet advertise or promote, I do get a trickle of Auragraph Requests from my www.shellywithangels.co.uk site, I do prefer to go by word of mouth, if people need me or are ‘drawn’ to me, I trust they will ‘find me’ or me, ‘them’ its worked so far and I cannot say enough on how ‘magical’ I find Lifes Natural Ways to be, of course, senses need to be open, if we are to experience these miracles.

So I trust my readers will see that above all I am ‘REAL’ ‘Genuine’ in my love for helping people, I need money like we all do, but I will never ever, overcharge or ‘cut corners’ in my Life as an Artist or as a Psychic. Sadly it cost to produce and my time is limited because of health, so every second counts, so when I can, I will pop on my new Artworks and rely on much appreciated honest Feedback and if you like me, I will rely on being ‘shared’ as people see fit. ;D

So hopefully I will have more energy to share around that will see a fruitful year, I trust, what will be will be, but I will try my best to be that person I can be. 😉

Love to all

Shelly xxxx


About shellyjeffrey

I am a great believer in positive thinking and always strive to "be the best I can be". I am a realist and a Psychic, I do auragraphs and give Spiritual Readings to help others feel uplifted and inspired, after all Inspiration is what makes our world go round? I recently completed College with 'Distinctions' and am now taking on art commisions, its all happening!! :D

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