My Aunty and I both share the ability/gift of connecting with Spirit, this is one of her blogs- we are all intuitive to varying degrees if we are open minded, this post helps explain ‘feelings’ we sometimes get but are not sure why(check ‘my reply too’ 😀


Some of us believe and some of us don’t. I’m talking about ‘the other side, the Spirit World’.

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide “I am going to see a ghost today,” just happened.

My first premonition happened soon after. I had a very vivid dream. A couple of days later someone described my dream to me, or so I thought, until I realized they were talking about a current event.

Ever walked into an empty room and known you weren’t alone? I have!

Sometimes, before I am introduced to someone for the first time, I know their name.

Sorry if this sounds a little far-fetched, and maybe it is, but I am not lying, I am telling you about my life.

For a period of time, when I drove home from work, I would get an awful gut wrenching feeling as I passed one particular area. It…

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About shellyjeffrey

I am a great believer in positive thinking and always strive to "be the best I can be". I am a realist and a Psychic, I do auragraphs and give Spiritual Readings to help others feel uplifted and inspired, after all Inspiration is what makes our world go round? I recently completed College with 'Distinctions' and am now taking on art commisions, its all happening!! :D

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