Well that’s it, our first project, done and dusted, handed in, nothing more can be added, forced rest, woohoo!!

Working right up until the last seconds the project ‘Journey’ ended with Fridays 4pm deadline, if the deadline was today I would have no doubt still been adding to it, is art ever really finished?….thank god for deadlines I say.

I have produced several pieces which I will put up on here, there simply has been ‘no time’ to ‘blog it’ whilst ‘painting it’ but I will try and account for my missing months in the depths of my project ‘Journey’ whilst on ‘Reading Week’

It has been a roller coaster of research, recollections and reliving past events as I have tried to portray my life, my journey pictorially both literally and conceptually and hopefully giving you a slice of ‘Me’ and how my mind ticks. I cannot separate all of…

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About shellyjeffrey

I am a great believer in positive thinking and always strive to "be the best I can be". I am a realist and a Psychic, I do auragraphs and give Spiritual Readings to help others feel uplifted and inspired, after all Inspiration is what makes our world go round? I recently completed College with 'Distinctions' and am now taking on art commisions, its all happening!! :D

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