nothing like dipping your toes in the sea!

nothing like dipping your toes in the sea!

Freedom of Expression in ‘Doing’ ‘Speaking’ ‘Writing’ and of course ‘Drawing and Painting’ is who I am about, I believe all people are as important as each other. I try to keep my life simple(I fail regularly) but I don’t give up.
My love is to witness a selfless act, my hate is to see someone being domineered by another, my goal is to share and heal when I see a need, I do not step where Im not wanted, I speak so others can listen if they want to as in what I write also, we all have thoughts and opinions, but I do get cross when others have to shout their opinion at other peoples thoughts as if theirs trumps all!!, so do not invoke the wrath of Shelly, I have powers!! ;D seriously I am no Saint I have many flaws, but I’m still an Angel ;D
I have been arty and creative since probably before I arrived here, my imagination has to come from somewhere!? I often have Deja Vu in my dreams, my Intuition is my Guide, my daily mantra is ‘Be more Free’, in everything I do and I see this working each time I create a new artwork and I love it.
Inspiration is what keeps me going, I am so self motivated and full of imagination that I and can live on my own little piece of earth for weeks on end without speaking to another soul(but I can talk when I get going!! just catching up!! lol)
My wish for myself and all is to ‘BE the BEST you can BE’, youre never too old to change if you chose, and I believe we continue this journey beyond so time is indeed infinite(in my world and my opinion counts! ;P)
Hope you all find your dreams
Love Shelly x


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