The Other Side

My Aunty and I both share the ability/gift of connecting with Spirit, this is one of her blogs- we are all intuitive to varying degrees if we are open minded, this post helps explain ‘feelings’ we sometimes get but are not sure why(check ‘my reply too’ 😀


Some of us believe and some of us don’t. I’m talking about ‘the other side, the Spirit World’.

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide “I am going to see a ghost today,” just happened.

My first premonition happened soon after. I had a very vivid dream. A couple of days later someone described my dream to me, or so I thought, until I realized they were talking about a current event.

Ever walked into an empty room and known you weren’t alone? I have!

Sometimes, before I am introduced to someone for the first time, I know their name.

Sorry if this sounds a little far-fetched, and maybe it is, but I am not lying, I am telling you about my life.

For a period of time, when I drove home from work, I would get an awful gut wrenching feeling as I passed one particular area. It…

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A4 Watercolour

A4 Watercolour

I finished this painting in February 2013, first watercolour of a dog, loved doing it.
Just message me if you would like a painting/sketch of pretty much anything, Im not expensive ;D

I have Moved!!

I now live back in my hometown of Redcar by the sea- Ive so missed the smell of the sea air, now I am literally a ‘stones throw’ away!! yeyy.. I know Im lucky, but its been a long time coming and I feel I deserve it 😀

So College is finished and what am I up too… well still unpacking ;/ but getting there, inbetween I am trying to focus on promoting myself. I will be advertising my Website and hopefully setting up my other website not to be confused with the .com site which is about music, mine will be Painting on commision and I will be producing lots of work to show/sell both originals/prints on canvas, maybe cards calenders..will see how it progresses.

I am a doggy person(never used to be) a Bull Mastiff called Diesel pulled my heartstrings a few years back and now Im hooked, an ongoing battle the head v heart!!

Currently I am painting for NRBR – Northern Rose Boxer Rescue, its funding relies alot on public donations, they are currently holding an Auction, so if you have a dog and you would like a painting, check out the site and you might grab yourself a real bargain!!! I am offering an A4 sized Acrylic Painting of the winning bidders pet, currently or last time I looked the bidding was at £45.00, of course a pet painting is priceless but its worth is approx. £150 plus so go check it out!!

Also you can bid for a Spiritual Reading and Auragraph valued at £25.00, bidding at £12.50 I think? so another bargain to be had..HURRY BIDDING ENDS TOMMOROW!!! There are absolutely loads of doggy related items and ‘people stuff’ that have been donated and they are MEGA CHEAP. so get a bargain and do a good deed- Raising money for Dogs to get Foster and Forever Homes.

Above is the ‘rough draft’ I did so people can get an idea of my talents ;D the acylic painting will be so much more!! ;D x

Life after College

Well College is over, and for the longest time as if robotically my mind was fixated on the next step- Uni!! But I have done alot of thinking as last year health-wise was quite a struggle. I only managed to attend about a quarter of my College course, but I still came out with a final grade of DMM (Distinction,Double Merit) so Im reasonably pleased, I am thankful if the word ‘reasonably’ makes you wonder, its just the ‘frustration’ of knowing I could have got alot better mark if it were not for the frustrations of my health conditions,- Fibromyalgia,M.E etc.

However I AM a HALF FULL GLASS kinda girl, TIME and DEADLINES are all that prevented me from producing as my Psychic website states ‘Being the Best I can Be’.. it is my motto in life, and reality means situations change and to prevent going against the flow, we just have to change with them if we are to survive and move forward as our individual and unique personas demands.   So I have given myself a Year to ‘Do my own Thing’ it means I can concentrate on building a Portfolio(when Ive sorted family and friends with their painting requests!! lol) but seriously I am going to put myself first!! (Lets here it a great big ‘YEYYYYY’ for Girl Power and discovering the importance of Self-it is not Selfish as you will hear me say countless times as I blog(timely SELF reminders needed!) So this portfolio will be a growth towards developing my own style and dipping my toes in the Art Market, exhibiting and attempting to Blog more and Build my Website(hELLLLLPPPP, if anyone is technically minded??) but time is needed if Im to move forward AND if I feel I need Uni, I will decide after this ‘Year Off’

I do not as yet advertise or promote, I do get a trickle of Auragraph Requests from my site, I do prefer to go by word of mouth, if people need me or are ‘drawn’ to me, I trust they will ‘find me’ or me, ‘them’ its worked so far and I cannot say enough on how ‘magical’ I find Lifes Natural Ways to be, of course, senses need to be open, if we are to experience these miracles.

So I trust my readers will see that above all I am ‘REAL’ ‘Genuine’ in my love for helping people, I need money like we all do, but I will never ever, overcharge or ‘cut corners’ in my Life as an Artist or as a Psychic. Sadly it cost to produce and my time is limited because of health, so every second counts, so when I can, I will pop on my new Artworks and rely on much appreciated honest Feedback and if you like me, I will rely on being ‘shared’ as people see fit. ;D

So hopefully I will have more energy to share around that will see a fruitful year, I trust, what will be will be, but I will try my best to be that person I can be. 😉

Love to all

Shelly xxxx

My end of term and last College Exhibition


Dark, Deep and Dangerous – Rock and Roll Suicide – Is there Life on Mars?

Dark, Deep and Dangerous – Rock and Roll Suicide – Is there Life on Mars?.

Welcome – shellywithangels

Welcome – shellywithangels

via Welcome – shellywithangels.

Heightened Awareness-Curse or Blessing??


It is my infinite imagination that helps me see what sometimes eludes others, for every single thought, I have a million tangents stemming from it. My o.c.d for self improvement works on a minute to minute basis, focus is my hardest challenge!!

I formulated the image with post-its on this blog in my workbook for college to portray the mind/thought process behind my current project! My tutors already know I go off on tangents, find it hard to focus and produce far more work than required. The work I do is as much for me as it is for College, each bit of study is new knowledge for me, so in a way there is a slight focus in that I want to improve, ‘be the best I can be’ (My psychic website’ motto) anything less would be failure.

I hope my self improvement and self driven ways to always produce the best I can will pay off one day as I begin to advertise as I  produce my own work for sale. I cannot do anything quick, although perhaps repetition will help there, if my constant mind will allow repetition.

I keep my life as quiet as possible because as you can perhaps imagine by my words so far, I go off on a million tangents, so if I converse with lots of peeps. I hardly need to mention how full my mind gets. I see people, I mean I really see them, each one word, sentence, I see, feel, sense a million other words. I was great at my job in sales as I knew what people wanted even as they struggled to explain, it is so great to help people, but it can also ware me down, dont get me wrong- I love it!!, but sometimes I need to just take a bit of time out and clear my mind(a constant battle I very rarely win!!)

 But it is ‘who I am’ if I tried to be someone else I am sure that would be far more tiring! as well as unrewarding, living a lie. I celebrate who I am on a daily basis, but I am human and I growl at my life sometimes, yes I said ‘Growl’!! lol- dont tell me you do not get frustrated at yourself occasionally and have a little ‘grrrrrr’ to yourself!? lol You know you do it.

So relaxing is hard, but accepting me with all my unique quirkiness makes life a lot easier. – I always say I am not going to write much when I blog, email, reply on FB, and in my Psychic readings)I say I will give a min. 1000 words but I think 5,000 is my record.! I check the title of my blog to see if Ihave flipped off on another tangent, maybe I should have called it ‘A million Tangents’

Whatever having an infinte imagination and heightened awareness is what enables me to produce unique work and allows me to tap into my Spiritual Self and be able to give such varied, helpful and healing words to all the many beautiful, unique and quirky minds that ask for my help. Also I guess one cannot go without the other, I care, so I want to help, I want to be better, I have to give everything my best within my own limitations and Spirit can only use in me what is available in my mind to translate into readings for clients, so I guess I got all bases covered!! Result 😉

So I guess its all good, but I am human and I need to try and keep the balance of my capabilities and limitations, and I am stubborn in that the word ‘No’ really trys me, I guess caring for ‘me’ as well as ‘others’ is something we all need to realise is absolutely essential to both our well-being AND in keeping ourselves available for when others might need us.

Proud to be me 😉 Lets hear you all say it! Love to all xx

Shelly x

Born this Way

I have had many (as some might say ‘strange experiences’ in my life, but honestly, if you were me you wouldn’t think they were anything other than, normal. That is probably the reason why it took me so long to realise that I was in fact a Psychic (knew things about people’s lives whom I’d never met before) worked great in a Sales job- I always seemed to know what people wanted AND I bent over backwards to help them, maybe that’s why I am remembered years on from my ex Boots customers?? 😉 Also I am a Medium (I hear and get communications from Spirits) Its all lovely, but how do you know you are ‘different’ when what and how you live is the ‘norm’ for you?

In retrospect, I wonder if I chose this path before I came here, after sharing a few stories with my Aunty(who also has a website with wordpress, and writes books of her ghostly encounters-

I have realised we are indeed a family of sensitive souls and all knew each other far before our journey from birth. You know when something happens and its like the ‘penny drops’ everything falls into place and it all begins to make sense.  Every word we speak, every move we make(sounds like a Sting record I know!!) lol, but its true! there is a result, a consequence. this is my latest…

I add my Aunty Sandras link above, because it is through some of our recent chats I have had another one of my realisations our Revelations. – We email and comment on each others posts regularly(and FB. 😉 ) I posted a picture of my Nanna and Granddad, my granddad I know to be with me and every time I think of him he strolls in makes me giggle and brings a cool refreshing breeze with him, it used to be his tobacco smell till I got the message it was him!! lol, Spirit have a way! I could not remember my Nanna,she died when I was a baby, but I know her presence, and she confirmed it(as she does right now as I type and think of her) But the fact she is always around was confirmed(yes I need many confirmations, Im not an airyfairy ghosties everywhere type!) haha.

My Aunty Sandra told me how she remembered my Nanna as she is(just slightly!lol she will read this!) older, we were conversing through email as I am in Shildon Co. Durham and she is now in Denver, Colorado. As I replied my Nanna made her presence known, this can be how easy it is, I was talking and thinking of her and the whole feeling in my study changed, from a bit warm and stuffy, to cool, light, fresh and flowery, when you feel Spirit around it is truly uplifting, like butterflies in the stomach as you feel that indescribable unconditional love. My Aunt Sandra informed me how she used to read the tea-leaves, my mum had told me she was a member of the Spiritualist Church, but back then alot of people still condemned us to be Witches, so it was all kept hush, hush!!

It all starts to fit, I have just replied to my Aunty Sandra on her wordpress blog.  as she reminded of a vision I had a long time ago with her memory prompting words!. I had seen my Gran, (her mother) in a huge gathering of other Spirit Family, that I now know connects me, My Aunty Sandra AND I believe our both related and unrelated here on earth families, we come from a very Spiritually Sensitive background, our predecessors/ancestors all had ‘the gift of communication, psychic, clairvoyant mediums’. They all said Hello and told me they were my Spirit Family and would always be around to help and guide me, I recognised Gran, she showed herself as closest, but there were about 12 of them, some looked familiar, others Im not sure, but they all knew me and we had met before, they told me? I will know when the time comes, as like family they will all be there as I return home.

My writing is not quite so eloquent as my Aunt Sandra’s, she is the book writer, but I feel experiences are so much more enjoyable and relived as we share. So both me and My Aunt are sharing our experiences, so ‘POP’ in every now and again as we share our Ghostly Tales!!! 😉

Love Shelly x

My Latest Painting

My Latest Painting

Acrylic A3