By Shelly

By Shelly

My last few months have been focused on doing Pet Portraits after we discovered a Charity called NortherRoseBoxerRescue.
My daughter fostered a beautiful white female Boxer called ‘Snowy’ you guessed-shes white with a few little dots of black on her ears.
This is a wonderful non funded charity whose primary function is to get homeless Boxers out of kennels,rehoming them in Foster Care, but ultimately helping them find their Forever Homes. Needless to say all of what they do requires money and they obtain this by doing auctions, charity stalls at venues such as ‘Pets at Home’ and dependancy on public generosity for donations. I support their Fundraising by offering Artworks for auction aswell as giving them 25% of whatever commisions I may receive through them.
If you want to know more or help a Boxer find a home go to: or contact NR Boxer Rescue at Tel: 01706 660743

If you want to see more of my Pet Portraits and see the process of some of my larger commisions go to my facebook ShellyArts: I am now taking on more commisions so email me at or P.M me on Facebook, I can paint anything in any media to your specification, price depends on size and duration and can start from about £15.00 to £250.00, so contact me as I am pretty flexible and can usually accommodate your needs matching price, colours etc.
Owning your own personal art, totally unique to match your taste and very inexpensive because I am still breathing!! haha, what could be better!
So get in touch for that special gift and know that I listen carefully to make sure we are on the same wavelength and produce pre drawings to doubly make sure.
Love Shelly
and PS Please share the Dog Charity I support and me! ;D


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